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Military Plating Specifications Index
By Process Name
By Military Specification
Anodize MIL-A-8625F 
Black Chrome MIL-C-14538C 
Black Oxide  MIL-C-13924C 
Cadmium QQ-P-416F 
Chemical Films MIL-C-5541E 
Chemical Finish; Black MIL-F-495E 
Chrome QQ-C-320B 
Copper MIL-C-14550B 
Electroless Nickel MIL-C-26074E
Electroless Nickel AMS-2433B 
Electropolishing (No mil spec) 
Gold MIL-G-45204C 
Hard Anodize MIL-A-8625F 
Lubricant, Solid Film MIL-L-46010D 
Magnesium Processes MIL-M-3171C 
Magnesium Anodic MIL-M-45202C 
Nickel QQ-N-290A 
Palladium MIL-P-45209B 
Passivate ASTM A967
Passivate QQ-P-35C 
Phosphate Coating; Light TT-C-490D 
Phosphate Coating; Heavy DOD-P-16232-F 
Powder Coating
Rhodium MIL-R-46085B 
Salt Bath Nitriding SAE AMS 2755
Silver QQ-S-365D 
(No mil spec)
Tin MIL-T-10727C
Tin Lead MIL-P-81728A 
Vacuum Cadmium MIL-C-8837B 
Zinc ASTM-B633 



(No mil spec) Electropolishing 
AMS 2433 B Electroless Nickel 
ASTM-B633 Zinc 
ASTM A967 Passivate
DOD-P-16232F Phosphate Coating: Heavy 
MIL-A-8625F Anodize
MIL-C-13924C Black Oxide Coating 
MIL-C-14538C Black Chrome 
MIL-C-14550B Copper 
MIL-C-26074E Electroless Nickel 
MIL-C-5541E Chemical Films 
MIL-C-8837B Vacuum Cadmium 
MIL-DTL-53039 Powder Coating
MIL-F-495E Chemical Finish:Black 
MIL-G-45204C Gold 
MIL-L-46010D Lubricant, Solid Film 
MIL-M-3171C Magnesium Processes 
MIL-M-45202C Magnesium Anodic
MIL-P-45209B Palladium 
MIL-P-81728A Tin Lead 
MIL-R-46085B Rhodium 
MIL-S-5002 Passivate
(No mil spec)
MIL-T-10727C Tin 
QQ-C-320B Chrome 
QQ-N-290A Nickel 
QQ-P-35C Passivate 
QQ-P-416F Cadmium 
QQ-S-365D Silver 
SAEAMS 2755 Salt Bath Nitriding
TT-C-490D Phosphate Coating:Light 
TABLE I: Thickness Classes for Coatings For Zinc Plating 
ClassificationA Number and
Conversion Coating Suffix 
Service Condition  Thickness Minimum (µm) 
Fe/Zn 5  SC 1 (mild)  5  (.0002")
Fe/Zn 8  SC 2 (moderate)  8  (.0003")
Fe/Zn 13  SC 3 (severe)  13 (.0005") 
Fe/Zn 25  SC 4 (very severe)  25 (.001")
A Iron or steel with zinc electroplate. Numeral indicates thickness in micrometers.
B Where service conditions are valid only for coatings with chromate conversion coating. 
   Type II for SC 4 and SC 3 and Type III for SC 2 and SC 1. 
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