Welcome to the
                  Home Page of TECHPLATE, INC. we have been refinishing
                  tooling & precision equipment for over 20 years at
                  the same location. We are a job shop specializing in
                  Tooling & Precision Components: firearms are
                  precision components. We offer a variety of finishes
                  including: Hard Chrome (matte, brush & polished);
                  Parkerizing (black & gray); Bluing (polished &
                  satin); Bluing on Stainless; Teflon; Gold; Silver;
                  Electroless Nickel; Bright Nickel; Hard Black
                  Anodizing (AR Receivers); & Regular
                  Anodizing.  As well as  Masking; Bead
                  Blasting; & Polishing. Please let us show you what
                  we can do for you.

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TechPlate, Inc. is a job shop metal-finishing vendor specializing in the plating of tooling,  precision equipment and firearms.   We are committed to give you, above all, the best service and quality, we can muster, to earn your patronage. For over 34 years we have been privileged to provide our customers with  premium quality, prompt lead times as well as competative pricing. Our success has always and continues to depended on your full satisfaction. Please feel free to communicate any special needs, requests or requirements regarding metal finishing of tooling,  precision equipment and firearms these continue to be our specialty. But, if your concern doesn't fit one of these profiles, please ask anyway. I'm sure we'll have something to offer: If only a word of advice. Please review our policy statement to avoid misunderstandings of our position of liability. To receive our literature and free chart of plating specifications, please include your physical address  info on our request page.
Our staff awaits to serve you:

. Paula  Accounting 
Bob C.
 .   QC

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